FanXiang S660 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD M.2 SSD


Capacity: 500GB(with Heatsink)

500GB(with Heatsink)
1TB(with Heatsink)
2TB(with Heatsink)
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About this item

  • TOP-TIER PERFORMANCE: The S660 M.2 SSD features PCIe 4.0 technology with up to 4800MB/s maximum read speeds and up to 4200MB/s maximum write speeds, ensuring lightning-fast file transfers and game load times
  • STABLE AND RELIABLE: Our NVMe SSD adopts high-quality flash memory chips and cutting-edge controller technology, and has undergone 80 hours of rigorous testing and 5 times of strict inspection to ensure long-term stability and reliability. Our 5-year warranty and 1400TBW give you peace of mind
  • PERFECTLY COMPATIBLE: There is a heat sink (not installed) in the solid state drive box, which is perfectly compatible with PS5, effectively reducing the temperature of the hard drive, ensuring stable operation under high load, allowing you to play games more smoothly and enjoy a better gaming experience
  • Flexible Capacity Options: Our hard drive provides a range of storage options from 500GB to 2TB, satisfying various user needs and providing ample storage space for work, study, or entertainment
  • Exceptional Customer Support: With our own factory and packaging equipment, we can better control production costs and quality, while providing professional and efficient customer service to resolve any questions or concerns before and after purchase, ensuring complete customer satisfaction

Additional Information

500GB(with Heatsink), 1TB(with Heatsink), 2TB(with Heatsink)

01.Why can't the ssD be recognized?

The reasons may be 1The ssd is wrongly inserted into the M.2SATA interface 2The ssd is not formatted and partitioned. lfthis is not the case, please contact us for processing

02.Will the temperature be high?

Fast speed means high temperature, which is a normalphenomenon. The dual structure S660 ssd with graphenesticker and heat sink can effectively cool down and ensure thestability of performance

03.Why does the capacity displayed on thecomputer not match the description?

Actual usable space may be less than the total storage capacitylisted due to decimal measurement used to represent usablecapacity ofthe SSD.Actual capacity calculation: Total storage x 0.93

04.Why the speed does not match the description?

You can check the slot ofthe device and the motherboard. Ifvou insert a PCle 3.0 interface, the speed will decrease. Youneed to insert a PCle 4.0 interface. In addition, using an externalhard disk box will reduce the speed of the hard disk. lf it stilldoesn't work, please contact us

05.What's in the box?1*ssd, 1*heat sink, 4*graphene

1*ssd, 1*heat sink, 4*graphene sticker, 1*screw, 1 screwdriver,1*instruction manual

06.Where should the SSD be sent forrepair, andhow long is the warranty period?

S660 has a five-year warranty period, and we have localoverseas warehouses, which can return and exchange goodsin time. If you have any questions about the product, pleasefeel free to contact us

How to install fanxiang S660 SSD?

Firstly, please choose 1 thick and 1 thin from the 4 thermal pads that come with the product.

1. Tear off the plastic film on one of the thermal pads, and place it on the heat sink base;

2. Place the SSD on the thermal pad (note that the chip needs to be placed upwards);

3. Adjust the SSD to a proper position so that the screw holes and the M.2 interface leak out;

4. Tear off the plastic film of the other thermal pad, and stick it on the bottom of the heat sink;

5. Insert one side of the heat sink into the slot of the base. After adjusting the position, press the other side of the heat sink firmly, and when you hear a "click", it means that the heat sink is installed in place;

6. Fix the SSD with the heat sink installed with screws or the buckles that come with the motherboard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
david steinau
Works wonders for my ps5

Slipped it right in, came with everything I needed and works like a dream. Getting all the advertised speed and storage as well

Gamers Reckoning
Speeds on PS5 say different

Got the 4tb 5000mb version and speed says 4296.
So far that's been the only issue otherwise it has been great. Took a little over an hour to transfer 700gigs from my external drive to this one and to me that is fine.

The only big issue I had was trying to get the heatsync on because it came with two different types of pads and the thickness was different and I couldn't snap the element on top unless I used one of each size which was not in the instrunctions. Took me a little bit and little frustration but got it on and all is good.

For the price I feel this a huge bang for the buck! I bought a 1tb just a couple of years ago for the same price. I can fit all my PS5 games on my system now and it didn't break the bank!

Actually passed my test!

Due to rampant abuses by sellers of anything flash, I test all flash devices with H2testw and other programs.

This drive is actually what it advertises, at least from the tests I ran - I'm not trying to destroy it or wear it out. But I was able to write the 3.63TB of capacity this has formatted, and verify that it was all correctly readable afterwards. The speed is pretty good, though sadly I forgot to grab that information. It's about twice as fast at reading than writing, anyways.

antonnie s. wylepski
Works like it should.

Not complaints, especially for the price.

It's a 4TB drive but after you start filling it up the write speeds slow down

The good news is it's a 4TB drive the price I got it for it's a good price. When I ran the benchmark right out of the box I got the speed that they say you can get. Onces I started filling it up with games and files the write speeds went down to SATA 3 speeds of SSD around 345 MBs and not the NVME PCI express normal SSD speeds (depends on which gern of PCI-E you have, but should be getting around 1000 MBs or higher). If you are looking for an SSD that is cheap and has amazing amount of storage for it's price and and can wait a bit longer for writing files than this is for you. Would have gave it 5 stars if it got close to the full writes speed, but removed two stars from it.