Our mission &

Rise of "China Core"

Rise of "China Core"

Fanxiang Technology entered the storage industry in 2005 and has accumulated rich industry experience; it now has a core team with more than ten years of experience in storage product design and development, firmware development and product sales; the company focuses on storage products and applications, forming a memory coreWith core competencies such as chip testing, integrated packaging design, and storage product customization, we provide consumer-level and industrial storage software and hardware application solutions.


Head of EUR and USA business. 19 years of marketing work, received praise from over 200,000 users. Oath: To devote services that contribute to a better global society.

Yuanjun. Wang

Chairman & CEO. 22 years of experience manufacturing SSDs. Concentrate on only making products and serving millions of Fanxiang users. Oath: Work hard for the rise of "China Core" for a lifetime.

Sheng. Huang

Solution Product & Development. 18 years of experience in SSD technology research and development. Oath: only make suitable storage for users, and are willing to work for "China Core".


Let China's "Core" Go Global

Provide comprehensive storage application solutions to global customers, support national industries. Fanxiang is widely used in tablet computers, computers, wearable devices, Internet of Things, security monitoring, industrial control, and automotive electronics.

Our mission & approach

Fanxiang provides comprehensive storage application solutions for global customers, helps the national industry, and allows China's "core" to go to the world!

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Upgrade® for E-sports room

Upgrade® for E-sports room

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